Cattron Celebrates 75 Years of Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

June 1, 2021

Cattron has been on the move since 1946. The company has experienced 75 years of progress by serving thousands of customers in different markets in over 50 countries. Its innovations have adapted to massive technological leaps as well as enormous shifts in market dynamics and customer preferences.

Deep technical expertise mixed with practical experience has continued to propel the business forward in the form of innovation and customer success.

Here are a few of Cattron’s remarkable accomplishments over the years:

  • Pioneered the first radio remote control for freight locomotives in the railyard. Systems like AccuspeedBeltpack™EC/LO™ and MP-Series introduced this advancement in 1977.
  • Assumed a strong leadership position in the material handling market with its acquisition of the industrial wireless remote controls division of Motorola. It then strengthened that base through the strategic acquisitions of Telemotive, Theimeg and Remtron™.
  • Operated as a subsidiary of a public company, Laird Technologies, for eight years— establishing a legacy customer base.
  • Cattron was reinvented in March of 2019 when it announced Laird Controls was once again Cattron.
  • Made purposeful acquisitions of companies, like LOFA Industries, Antx and DynaGen Technologies to unify unique products into a powerhouse portfolio of intelligent, connected solutions.

A 75-year anniversary is a monumental milestone for any company. The team will spend this month reflecting on its legacy and looking toward the future. The global team will participate in various celebratory activities and events throughout the month.

Customers and partners are invited to join contests and celebrate with us on LinkedIn.