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Remote Asset Monitoring and Management Solutions

Whether you have a few pieces of equipment at a single job site or hundreds across multiple locations, monitoring remote equipment has never been more critical. Having visibility into equipment operation and reacting to issues as they arise enables you to be more efficient, decrease downtime, improve productivity and minimize operating costs. From telemetry and SCADA solutions to products with Modbus and CANbus connections, Messenger solutions offer an easy, reliable, and cost-effective method of monitoring outdoor equipment for power & fluid solutions, oil & gas, agriculture, and water management markets.

Connectivity. Insights. Control.

Telemetry and SCADA solutions for easy and reliable monitoring of remote equipment.


Cattron Messenger BLE Remote Asset Monitoring Front

Messenger Messenger BLE

Integrated telemetry and monitoring system used for the management of remote assets in the industrial market.

Messenger Messenger SMB CAN

A packaged system designed to provide a rugged, outdoor monitoring system for equipment with CANbus, J1939 and/or Modbus connection.

Messenger Messenger SMB Tanks

Monitors up to eight tanks of liquid, typically frac tanks, for drilling or completion in the oil and gas market.

Water and Wastewater Messenger W

Industrial, cellular-based remote monitoring system designed to monitor stationary assets in the municipal market.

Water and Wastewater Messenger 600

Wireless cloud-based system providing cellular telemetry and monitoring of up to 600 values at municipal, industrial and power sites.

Products RemoteIQ™

RemoteIQ™ enables complete, easy to deploy monitoring and control over remote assets via a cloud-based application.

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