Telemetry devices for tracking, remote monitoring and control of equipment and machinery.

cattron messenger family photo for remote monitoring

Telemetry Monitoring

Messenger telemetry monitoring solutions provide two-way communication, monitoring and control of remote equipment. Whether you have a few pieces of equipment at a single job site or hundreds across multiple locations, monitoring remote equipment has never been more critical. Telemetry solutions provide visibility into equipment operations and allow you to immediately address issues as they arise, decreasing downtime, improving productivity and minimizing operating costs. Messenger offers reliable remote monitoring for SCADA, Modbus and CANbus-connected equipment for mobile equipment, water management, oil and gas, and agriculture applications.


Messenger BLE

Integrated telemetry and monitoring system is used to remotely manage assets via Bluetooth®, cellular or satellite communications.

Messenger Lite

Compact, remote monitoring device for diesel-driven engine equipment using a CANbus.

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