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Remote Asset Monitoring and Management

Messenger products offer an easy, reliable and cost-effective method of monitoring remote equipment and assets. It provides near real-time access to current operating conditions and parameters which enables more efficient and precise response actions to be implemented. This decreases downtime, minimizes operating cost and improves the productivity of your operation.


Messenger Messenger BLE

Integrated telemetry and monitoring system used for the management of remote assets in the industrial market.

Messenger Messenger W

Industrial, cellular-based remote monitoring system designed to monitor stationary assets in the municipal market.

Messenger Messenger GMB

Provides remote control generators and independently control the load connected to the generator.

Messenger Messenger SMB

A packaged system designed to provide a rugged, outdoor monitoring system for remote or unattended facilities.

Messenger Messenger SMB CAN

A packaged system designed to provide a rugged, outdoor monitoring system for equipment with CANbus, J1939 and/or Modbus connection.

Messenger Messenger SMB Tanks

Monitors up to eight tanks of liquid, typically frac tanks, for drilling or completion in the oil and gas market.

Messenger Messenger 600

Wireless cloud-based system providing cellular telemetry and monitoring of up to 600 values at municipal, industrial and power sites.

Products RemoteIQ™

RemoteIQ™ platform (formerly Antx Centurion) enables complete remote monitoring and control via cloud-based software.

Service and Support

Cattron's service extends and protects our partnership well beyond the purchase of your industrial wireless remote control system.  We employ a team of experienced technicians who are ready to help you maximize the value of your Cattron products. Cattron offers a mix of phone-based technical support, depot repair services and field service teams that are all focused on minimizing downtime and helping you achieve the optimal return on investment in remote control.