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Messenger BLE

Telemetry and Remote Monitoring

The Messenger BLE provides two-way communication on remote equipment. The telemetry monitoring system is supported by Bluetooth, cellular and satellite communication coverage and works with electronic engine controllers, ECUs, devices on a CANbus, devices connected via Modbus RTU and direct connections to digital and analog signals.


  • Powered by RemoteIQ™
  • Bluetooth®, cellular or satellite coverage
  • Monitor and report standard CANbus messages
  • Independent Modbus master and slave communication
  • RemoteIQ Messenger BLE Device Manager app (For iOS and Android)
  • One-year limited warranty

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Multi-System Connection

Works with electronic engine controllers, ECU's, devices on a CANbus, devices connected via Modbus RTU and direct connections to digital and analog signals

Output Relays

Two output relays controlled manually or automatically based on analog values exceeding thresholds or digital inputs changing state


Pre-configured to monitor and report standard CANbus engine messages, daily fuel rate, maximum and minimum values of all engine parameters are automatically reported

Fault Management

Engine diagnostics are filtered to eliminate excessive reporting on intermittent faults


Supports multiple CANbus speeds, multiple devices on a single CANbus and reading and writing (for OEMs)

Modbus Functions

Supported Modbus functions include 16-bit and 32-bit versions of: register, coil, float and packed-digital reads and writes

Satellite Modem

Optional satellite modem enables coverage in hard-to-reach areas around the globe

Backend Communication

Backend reporting via UDP or TCP using proprietary protocol

Digital Inputs

Supports up to four digital inputs for detecting on/off conditions or used as pulsing inputs (e.g. flow meters)

Analog Inputs

Three analog inputs for current or voltage inputs, reported as raw data or converted to engineering units


Independent Modbus master and slave communication over two serial ports

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


One-year limited warranty

Generators (industrial)

Whether the generator is for primary power or standby operations, the Messenger provides engine and generator data and control to operations personnel. Data can be viewed remotely via mobile devices or computers using the RemoteIQ system.

OEM's (Industrial)

Provides information from remote assets to the OEM's backend application or to our cloud-based, RemoteIQ system.

Diesel Engines

Connecting the Messenger BLE to the CANbus instantly provides detailed operational data and engine diagnostics. Data is available on our RemoteIQ system or your own backend system.

On-Highway Mobile Equipment

Vacuum Trucks, Loader Cranes, Specialty Trucks, Concrete Pumps, Pressure Washing Trucks

Off-Highway Mobile Equipment

Light Towers, Fire Pumps, Generators, Dewatering Pumps, Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Rock Breakers, Screen Machines

Municipal Water

Pump Stations, Well Pumps, Tanks , Meters and Sensors, Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment Plants, Irrigation, Generators

Municipal Wastewater

Lift Stations, Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wastewater Bypass/Dewatering, Meters and Sensors, Grinder Systems, Generators

General Equipment Rental

Construction Equipment, Concrete Pumps, Cranes

Specialty Equipment Rental

Pumps, Tanks, Power Generation, HVAC, Heat


Irrigation Pumps, Lead Monitoring

Crop Monitoring

Frost Protection

Water Transport

Dewatering, Bypass, Gas Transport

Extraction & Fracking

Generators, Light Towers, Tanks

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