Messenger SMB CAN


Messenger SMB CAN

The Messenger SMB CAN is a portable telemetry monitoring system for electric pumps, generators, VFDs and diesel engines with CANbus or Modbus connections. It is designed for quick installation at pump sites and remotely monitors and controls engine parameters via RemoteIQ™. The system interfaces with DynaGen™ and LOFA™ engine controllers and competitor devices. Each telemetry system contains the Messenger BLE, solar charger, battery, a weather-tight enclosure and uses watertight M12 connectors for quick connect/disconnect of field IO.

  • Installed in minutes
  • LTE 4G cellular or Bluetooth® compatible
  • Powered by RemoteIQ
  • Interfaces to smart controllers
  • Remote monitoring of electric pumps, generators, VFDs and motors
  • One-year limited warranty

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Each system contains the Messenger cellular/GPS telemetry unit, solar charger, battery, weather-tight box and M12 panel mount


The enclosure has rare-earth magnets on the bottom for quick and solid mounting to metal surfaces

M12 Connections

Connections for digital on/off conditions, pulsing flowmeters, 4-20 mA input (level, pressure, flow, etc), Modbus RTU (flowmeters, water quality, etc.), CANbus, solar panel or DC input power, external cell antenna

Remote Functions

Start and stop pump, ramp remote engines up and down, automatically perform emergency stops

Data Insights

View all engine and pump data in tabular and chart formats and view translated engine diagnostics

Pump Monitoring and Control

CANbus connection to communicate directly with the diesel pump controller


Web-based system for mobile and PC access providing a complete end-to-end telematic solution

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


One-year limited warranty

Solar Panel

10W or 40W with mount


High gain omni antenna with pole or magnet mount


Impoundment level sensors for various depths and lengths; line pressure sensors of various PSI ratings; pump vibration sensor


Sensor M12 extension cables

Solar Kit

Fully power your Messenger unit without external power

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