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Engine and Pump Panels and Controllers

LOFA™ analog engine control solutions provide flexibility to satisfy each customer’s unique application requirements whether they need an enclosed panel,  controller, or display. LOFA panels offer plug-and-play capabilities that minimize installation time, especially on today’s complex, emissions-ready engines. Customizing our engine control solutions is fast and easy with user-friendly display menus and helpful configuration software. LOFA solutions provide complete control, monitoring, and protection across electronically and mechanically governed engines used in the power & fluid solutions, mobile equipment, oil & gas, agriculture, and equipment rental operator markets.


Cattron Lofa EP250 Engine And Pump Panels Front

LOFA™ Engine Control Panels

Enclosed analog engine control panels for mechanically governed diesel engines. Includes 240, 240G1H, 250 and 250G1H models


Analog micro-control display instrument that provides diesel engine monitoring for mechanically governed diesel engines.


An analog engine micro controller that provides complete engine control, monitoring, and protection for mechanically governed, diesel engines.

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