Rail Operations

Wireless control and safety for Class I, II, III, and plant railyards.

Rail yard in early morning.

Wireless Locomotive Control Solutions

Preventing accidents and maintaining an extremely high safety standard requires a holistic approach that includes many different elements.  Since 1946, Cattron has provided locomotive remote control solutions for railyard locomotives worldwide. Our proven solutions are packed with various safety and ergonomic design features that enable mission-critical employee safety and improve operational efficiency daily. We continuously monitor region-specific compliance requirements to ensure that the modern design of our rail operation products falls within current guidelines. 


  • Americas Class I, II & III

    • Switching & Railyard Car Movement
    • Maintenance of Way
  • Americas Plant Rail

    • Railcar Movers
    • Grain Material Movement
    • Coal Material Movement
    • Aluminum Material Movement
    • Steel Material Movement
    • Aggregates
    • Food and Beverage
    • Chemical
    • Agriculture
  • Europe & Oceania

    • Shunting
    • Railcar Movers
    • Steel Material Movement
    • Maintenance of Way
rail yard working controlling locomotive using cattron locomotive remote control


Locomotive Remote Control

Wireless locomotive remote control has revolutionized all levels of railyards – from class I, II and III to plant rail operations – streamlining the process of moving cars and switching locomotives between tracks.

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