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Locomotive Remote Control System

Beltpack™ is a comprehensive locomotive control system that enables operators to safely control the locomotive via a wireless remote control. The system continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of the track grade or train mass while the operator focuses on train movements, track conditions and personal safety. Designed for FRA-regulated railroad operations in the Americas. 


  • Consistently maintains the speed selected by the operator
  • Used by FRA-regulated railroad operations
  • Compatible with RemoteIQ™ For Rail locomotive analytics software 
  • Compatible with Cattron OCU-III 
  • Operator control unit offers a wide variety of options
  • Compliant to 49 CFR § 229.15

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Dynamic Speed Control

Cattron's patented speed control system streamlines operation by handling the complexities of throttle and brake manipulation to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass


Feature-rich controller that includes an embedded GNSS location, a patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system, Bluetooth link to the internal archive record and a Wi-Fi port to accommodate future expansion

Heads Up Operation

The heads up talker system conveys feedback through the portable voice radio channel rather than having the operator looking down at the controller

Internal Archive Record

Logs hundreds of system events, remote control data points and manual mode data to be used for system monitoring and troubleshooting

Extended Range

RF protocols support repeaters for extending the RF range beyond one mile line-of-sight


Safely stops the movement of the locomotive in the event of a conflict between intended output and monitored input


Configurable to comply with 49 CFR § 229.15

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Standard one-year product warranty with extended warranty options available

Hump Operation

Excitation control for slow speed operation and options for interfacing to hump process controllers


Beltpack is compatible with PSP for pullback protection, crossing protection and other automation features.

Train Brake Cycle Braking Protection

Train Brake Cycle Braking Protection provides configurable system protection from improper train handling

Electric Handbrake Interface

Makes it possible for the RCL system to control various brands of electric handbrake systems through the OCU

4G Remote Access

Enables users to log into the RCL system through an internet connection and collect system data

Snow Brake

Conditionally adds a constant small amount of pressure to the brake cylinders in order to prevent snow and ice buildup

Pullback and Stopping Protection

Enforces a stopping trajectory to permit automatic point protection

Locomotive Brake System Compatibility

Pneumatic Systems (26-L, etc.), CCB-26

RF Protocol

Supports operation in 450-470 MHz or 806-869 MHz protocol

Americas FRA Regulated

Switching and Railyard Car Movement, Maintenance of Way

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