Remtron™ CommandPro


Remtron™ CommandPro

The Remtron™ CommandPro™ is a customizable crane remote control system with up to 23 control functions and is available in three sizes.

  • Three sizes with up to 23 control functions
  • IP65 enclosure offers protection from the elements
  • Battery life offers more than 130 hours of continuous operation
  • Long-life rocker switches with positive tactile feel
  • Leather holster is included
  • Configured with a RAC16 programmer, setting the system address and frequency

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IP66 – Models T10, T14, T18 / IP54 – Models T20, T23

Housing Material

High-impact, fiber-reinforced nylon


902-928 MHz license exempt operation


Intuitive rocker switches and pushbuttons designed to suit typical applications


16-bit address and 16-bit CRC

Controller Batteries

Two standard alkaline AA batteries for T09A, T10A, T14A and T18A controllers. Three standard alkaline AA batteries for T20 and T23 controllers


One-year unconditional warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

RAC 16 Programmer

Enables end users to change frequency and address


Leather holster included with controller

Fixed Mount

Bracket, wall mount option for T14A or T18A

Rotary Selector Switch

Rotary switch selects two to six switch positions for T20 or T23

Extended Warranty

Additional one-year extended warranty

Intrinsically Safe

UL Listed for Class 1, Division 1, Group D available for T09, T10, T14, and T18

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