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Engine and Generator Control

DynaGen™ offers a range of trusted engine and generator controllers that are rugged, reliable and easy to install. The controllers are proven to automatically start, stop, monitor and protect industrial engines and generators and are built to survive extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock. Control panels can be integrated in OEM or aftermarket products or packaged as complete Plug-N-Play solutions.  


DynaGen™ TOUGH Series™

Comprehensive suite of autostart controllers for engines and generators

DynaGen™ Plug-N-Play Solutions

Customizable packaged solutions for complete diesel and gas engine control 

DynaGen™ ES52

Autostart engine controller for diesel and gas engines

DynaGen™ GSC102

OEM autostart solution for small gensets

DynaGen™ RA400

Remote annunciator monitors the condition of the generator from a remote location.

DynaGen™ Retro Kit

Add years of service to outdated generator panels

Service and Support

Cattron's service extends and protects our partnership well beyond the purchase of your industrial wireless remote control system.  We employ a team of experienced technicians who are ready to help you maximize the value of your Cattron products. Cattron offers a mix of phone-based technical support, depot repair services and field service teams that are all focused on minimizing downtime and helping you achieve the optimal return on investment in remote control.