Engine and generator controllers for extreme environments

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Engine and Generator Controllers

DynaGen engine and generator controllers are built to automatically start, monitor and protect industrial equipment. DynaGen products are designed to survive extreme temperatures, vibration and shock and use superior automotive-grade plastics, high heat laminates for circuit boards and resilient silicon front panel buttons. They undergo the most demanding SAE Heavy Truck and MIL standards to ensure they are built to last. DynaGen engine controllers can be integrated into OEM or aftermarket products or packaged as complete plug-n-play solutions for pumping, irrigation, compressors, power units and material processing equipment.


Reasons to Choose DynaGen

Customers prefer DynaGen controllers for their ruggedness and ability to withstand harsh environments. Read about the top reasons customers select DynaGen for their engine or generator applications.

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PRO600 Engine Controller for Harsh Environments

Digital engine and generator controllers offer CANbus and Modbus communications and are designed to survive extreme environmental conditions.

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