Delivering wireless solutions that connect devices, control machines and protect assets around the world.

Industries We Serve
Title Card Solutions (Industrial)

Cattron's proven wireless remote control solutions enable operators to remain safe and productive, away from the potential dangers of the industrial environments.
Title Card Solutions (Transportation)

Our wireless remote controls minimize risk for operators of transportation equipment like locomotives. Cattron™ systems keep transportation lines running and employees safe and productive.
Title Card Solutions (Safety Systems)
Safety Systems

Our solutions, such as Safe-E-Stop™, provide an immediate emergency stop, activated via a wireless device that is carried with employees at all times.
Title Card Solutions (Mining)

Our wireless communication and remote control solutions enable workers to communicate and use mission-critical control applications in complex mining environments.
Engine and Pump Management
Engine and Pump Management

Advanced engine controls including control panels, sensors and wiring harnesses with embedded telemetry technology.