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Safety Systems

Emergency Stop and Machine Stop Systems

Workplace injuries can translate into thousands of lost production hours, equipment damage, and increased scrap costs every year.  Cattron™ offers wireless emergency stop and machine stop solutions that enhance worker safety and the productivity of your operation. A wireless stop solution easily integrates into existing safety systems and gives workers constant and immediate access to an E-Stop from any location. Cattron’s safety systems product line includes emergency stop solutions certified up to a SIL 3 safety rating by TÜV Nord and a more simplified machine stop solution. Our durable and reliable wireless safety solutions are applicable across a variety of markets and applications, including mobile equipment, industrial automation, material handling, and equipment rental operator markets.

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Give workers fail-safe, convenient access to a wireless emergency stop device.


Cattron Safe E Stop Wireless Emergency Stop Front

Safety Systems Safe-E-Stop™

A SIL 3-rated wireless emergency stop system that enhances and easily integrates into existing safety systems.

Cattron Safe D Stop Wireless Emergency Stop Front

Safety Systems Safe-D-Stop™

A PL-d rated wireless emergency stop system with additional, built-in PL-d control functions.

Safety Systems Safe-T-Stop™

A machine stop solution that puts control in the hands of those in the best position to prevent injury to employees or damage to equipment.

Cattron LCAS Wireless Remote Control Safety System Front

Safety Systems Laser Collision Avoidance System (LCAS)

Wireless remote control safety system that protects against crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-wall collisions.

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