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Safety Systems

Emergency Stop and Machine Stop Systems

Workplace injuries can translate into thousands of lost production hours, equipment damage, and increased scrap costs every year.  Cattron™ offers wireless emergency stop and machine stop solutions that enhance worker safety and the productivity of your operation. A wireless stop solution easily integrates into existing safety systems and gives workers constant and immediate access to an E-Stop from any location. Cattron’s safety systems product line includes emergency stop solutions certified up to a SIL 3 safety rating by TÜV Nord and a more simplified machine stop solution. Our durable and reliable wireless safety solutions are applicable across a variety of markets and applications, including mobile equipment, industrial automation, material handling, and equipment rental operator markets.

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Give workers fail-safe, convenient access to a wireless emergency stop device.


Cattron Safe E Stop Wireless Emergency Stop Front

Safety Systems Safe-E-Stop™

A SIL 3-rated wireless emergency stop system that enhances and easily integrates into existing safety systems.

Cattron Safe D Stop Wireless Emergency Stop Front

Safety Systems Safe-D-Stop™

A PL-d rated wireless emergency stop system with additional, built-in PL-d control functions.

Cattron LCAS Wireless Remote Control Safety System Front

Safety Systems Laser Collision Avoidance System (LCAS)

Wireless remote control safety system that protects against crane-to-crane or crane-to-end-wall collisions.

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