Rail Paddle OCU


Rail Paddle OCU

The Rail Paddle OCU is an extremely rugged operator control unit that allows operators to quickly test switches without disassembling them. The aluminum enclosure features paddle levers that can be customized for specific locomotive applications. It is compatible with the Transport CC™, Transport TC™ and Transport QC™ locomotive remote control systems.

  • Quickly test switches without disassembling
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • Push-to-operate safety feature
  • Power on self-test
  • Designed for long battery life and ease of service
  • Designed to be worn on the chest or belt loop
  • Works with Transport CC, Transport TC and Transport QC

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Shock Proof Construction

Constructed using end caps with a heavy rubber coating and ergonomic design that protects paddle switches if dropped

Battery Indicator

Two-stage LED battery indicator with audible beep


Highly configurable and customized based on the application


Designed to comply with EN954


Available with toggle, pushbutton, paddle and/or rotary switches


Up to 40 digital and/or six analog functions


Typical one-mile line-of-sight

External Antenna

External antenna for increased RF coverage and range


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Internal Antenna

Integrated antenna design allows for maximum range in a wide variety of user worn configurations

Keylock Select Switch

Keylock locomotive select switch allows the user to quickly choose between different locomotives

NiMH Battery

Nickel-metal-hydride battery for extended operator usage

Enhanced Steel Switch Guard

Enhanced safety and protection is enabled when this feature is added to the controller


Up to 8 LEDs or an LED display provides additional information to the operator

Vest Harness

Has a variety of adjustments available for ideal weight distribution and operator comfort, multiple sizes available

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