Radio remote control systems for a wide range of applications.

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Radio Remote Control Systems

CattronControl is a comprehensive line of radio remote control systems. Cattron’s industrial remote control products range from handheld, pushbutton operator control units to full-sized, standard, or engineered-to-order bellybox-style units that allow for any combination of switches, paddles, and joysticks.

Frequencies are available for worldwide deployment, making CattronControl the ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as overhead crane remote control, industrial automation, material handling, and mobile equipment.


Operating Range for Radio Remote Systems in Industrial Settings

Radio remote control systems are essential for a wide range of industrial applications, from manufacturing and distribution centers to warehouses. When choosing an industrial radio remote control system, one key factor is the operating range.

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Radio Remote Controls Enhance Safety for Maintenance Operations

A leading logistics process automation provider utilized the Excalibur™ radio remote control system to minimize risk to technicians servicing equipment.

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