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Comprehensive Wireless Remote Control Systems

CattronControl™ is a comprehensive line of industrial wireless remote control systems. Products range from the compact convenience of handheld, pushbutton operator control units to the full-sized, standard, or engineered-to-order bellybox units that allow for any combination of switches, paddles, and joysticks. CattronControl products are fully customizable with extensive options to ensure each system fits the application requirements. Frequencies are available for worldwide deployment making CattronControl the ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as crane remote control, across the industrial automation, material handling, and mobile equipment markets.

Application-Specific Solutions

Handheld, full-size and bellybox wireless remote controls custom-made for simple to complex applications.

Global Services. Complete Support.

Trust Cattron's experienced team of industry professionals to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running at its best.  

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