Transport™ VS


Transport™ VS

The Transport™ VS is a variable-speed, single-cabinet locomotive remote control system. The system is FRA-compliant and is used in Class II and III rail operations. Transport VS lets operators remotely control the locomotive from a safe vantage point.

  • Dynamic speed control
  • Compliant with 49 CFR § 229.15
  • Compact, single-cabinet design reduces space requirements
  • Powered by RemoteIQ™ Rail
  • Works with the OCU-III

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Dynamic Speed Control

Cattron’s patented speed control system streamlines the complexities of throttle and brake manipulation to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass


Feature-rich controller that includes an embedded GNSS location, a patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the RCL system, bluetooth link to the internal archive record and a Wi-Fi port to accommodate future expansion

Brake Pipe Charge

Allows the operator to charge train cars with increased fault tolerance. The system allows the operator to increase the throttle automatically to allow for the increase in demand of the main reservoir air pressure

Wheel Slip Detection

Monitors existing locomotive wheel slip circuits to prevent wheel and track damage. The system automatically decrements the throttle command while the locomotive circuitry works in conjunction with the system to stop wheel slip

Vigilance Protection

Requires the operator to refresh critical commands during commanded movement and will initiate a safe stop after 60 seconds without critical updates

Reverser Control

Monitors the movement of the locomotive axle to ensure that the locomotive moves in the direction being requested and stops the locomotive if it rolls or moves in the wrong direction

Internal Archive Record

Logs hundreds of system events, remote control data points and manual mode data to be used for system monitoring and troubleshooting

Tilt Detection w/ Man-Down Radio Broadcast

If the controller is tilted beyond a certain threshold for a predefined period of time, the system goes into an emergency penalty

Train Brake Cycle

Breaking protection against operator misuse of the train brake

Language Support

Supports English, Spanish. Portuguese, Korean and Chinese languages


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Remote Display Option

Provides a small user interface in the cab for remote control operator interaction

Maintenance Terminal PC Tool

Provides monitoring, configuration, archive record access and maintenance information between a PC and the RCL system

Remote 4G Connectivity

Permits the user to connect to the RCL equipment remotely through an internet connection

Hump Control

Provides the hardware and firmware functionality to operate the RCL system in locomotive excitation control mode, ideal for slow speed operations

Pullback and Stopping Protection

Enforces a stopping trajectory to permit automatic point protection, can also optionally automate grade crossing rules

GPS Push

Can send the OCU location to the onboard equipment for troubleshooting, incident, and location tracking


Range can be extended through the installation of RF repeaters

Monitoring & Analytics

Compatible with RemoteIQ Rail locomotive analytics software

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