Transport™ CC


Transport™ CC

The Transport™ CC is a permanently mounted, single-cabinet locomotive remote control system that allows the operator to use a cruise control capability to set a fixed speed for the locomotive. The self-monitoring system ensures that the system is fully operational. It is configurable to customer requirements and designed for plant rail operations in the Americas.

  • Cruise control enables operators to set a fixed speed
  • Compact, single cabinet design
  • Streamline and simplify product installation and maintenance
  • Self-monitoring system ensures OCU and LCU are fully operational
  • Configurable to customer requirements
  • Works with the Transport OCU, Rail Paddle OCU, Rail Toggle OCU or A0-Series OCU

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Cruise Control

Configurable speed selection lever, up to eight speed steps

Train Brake Control

Allows the operator to control the train brake. Train brake valves include make up air ensuring accurate brake pressure

Independent Brake Control

Allows the operator to command a pressure higher than what the cruise control system is commanding

Emergency Brake

Provides the operator the ability to command an emergency brake application

Vigilance Protection

Requires the operator to refresh critical commands during commanded movement and will initiate a safe stop after 60 seconds without critical updates

Tilt Detection

If the controller is tilted beyond a certain threshold for a predefined time period, the system goes into an emergency penalty

Sand Control

Includes a switch for the operator to manually control sand. It also disperses sand automatically when a wheel slip is detected

Headlight Control

System can be configured to control the front and rear headlights on the locomotive. These can be customized for Off/On, Dim/Bright, Off/Dim/Bright

Heated Cabinet

System design includes a forced air heater that turns on at any temperature below 40 degrees F to prevent airline freeze ups

Horn and Bell Control

System adapts to multiple variations of horn and bell control

Compatible OCUs

Compatible with the Transport OCU, Paddle or Toggle OCU or A0-Series OCU


Standard one-year product warranty


Talkback communications with up to eight LED indicators or text display


For when extended range in required


Man-down alerts available

Emergency Switch

External emergency stop switches available

Light Status

External locomotive mounted lights indicate locomotive status

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