Reliable communication and control solutions for heavy machinery and equipment.

Two workers in a well-lit mine with yellow mining machines.

Open Pit and Underground Mining Equipment

Working in mines can be an extremely hazardous occupation. Operators must be diligent in implementing and following detailed safety processes and utilizing technology to minimize as much danger as possible. The use of radio remote control mining equipment is an essential safety tool for workers when controlling heavy machinery and equipment.

Industrial remote control systems significantly reduce risk by enabling workers to operate equipment from a safer place in the tunnel. In addition, communication systems provide reliable transmissions and communication capability, adding another layer of safety.


  • Underground Mining

    • Load Haul Dump Machines
    • Drill Control
    • Rock Breakers
    • Shotcrete Sprayer
    • Roof Bolters
    • Feeder Breakers
    • Conveyor Control
    • Light Towers
    • Generators
    • Network/Communications
  • Open Pit Mining

    • Wheel Dozers for Loading and Hauling
    • Drill Control
    • Light Towers
    • General Dewatering
mobile light tower in a construction site


Light Towers

Light towers are critical assets within mining and construction sites that provide powerful illumination that enables employees to do their job safely and efficiently.

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