LOFA™ 240/250


LOFA™ 240/250

The LOFA™ 240/250 analog engine control panels provide complete engine control, monitoring and protection for mechanically governed diesel engines. Each engine control panel includes a digital hour meter and up to six gauges and performs well in harsh environments.

  • First Fault Diagnostics
  • IP64-rated key switch
  • Digital hour meter and up to 6 gauges
  • Performs well in harsh environments
  • Standard or custom engine harnesses
  • Two-year limited warranty

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Heavy-duty powder-coated Aluflex aluminum enclosure with integrated isolation mounting designed to withstand the most extreme industrial applications for customers needing two to seven gauges


Ultra bright First-Fault Diagnostics LED display is highly visible in direct sunlight

First Fault Diagnostics

Engine monitoring, protection, and diagnostics via FFD for battery charge, low oil pressure, high temperature, and two auxiliary shutdown inputs for customer-defined faults


Standard gauge configuration is with oil pressure, temperature, voltmeter, hour meter, tachometer, and two gauge openings for optional gauges

First Fault Diagnostics Alerts

After pin pointing the initial failure, stores the shutdown in memory and alerts the end user via a single bright LED, of the exact cause of failure

Automatic Shutdown

Automatic shutdown override simplifies engine starting by eliminating the need to push a button

Key Switch

Heavy-duty IP64 water-resistant key switch with a mechanical restart lockout

Solid-State Design

A microprocessor-based, solid-state design that uses reliable, high-power semiconductors rather than outdated electro-mechanical relays

Frequency Input

Frequency input compatible with either alternator frequency terminal, proximity switch, or magnetic pickup (wiring kit required)

Solenoid Output

High power, solenoid output compatible with two and three wire solenoids (no relay required)


Available plug-and-play extension harness in lengths: 36″, 60″, 120″ and 240″


Two-year limited warranty

Preheat / After Glow

Automatic preheat with afterglow duration controls the engine’s cold starting aid when the key is turned to the run position

Protection Door

Lockable vandal protection door can be easily installed in the field

Starter Switch

Lever starter switch version available

Input Signal

Preheat as input signal

Security Door

Aluflex security door as an option

Key Switch Cover

Flip-down key switch cover

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