Industrial Automation

Custom applications for technology automation and digitalization efficiency.

Well-lit industrial warehouse with an orange forklift.

Industrial Radio Remote Control and Safety Solutions 

The increased digitalization of manufacturing, transportation and warehousing is transforming how technology and resources are being utilized to accomplish daily tasks. The shift to industrial automation control requires companies to select a partner capable of working closely to collaborate and innovate. 

Cattron’s portfolio includes a broad range of industrial remote control products, engine control, software and monitoring products that can meet various needs. In addition, in-depth engineering capabilities enable us to work closely with customers to customize our current products to meet application-specific requirements and, if needed, jointly develop new ones.


  • Manufacturing

    • Robotics  
    • Automated Conveying Systems
  • Transportation and Housing

    • Logistics 
    • Distribution Centers
    • Robotics
driverless robotic vehicles move boxes in a warehouse


Autonomous Guided Vehicles

By using driverless, robotic technology, AGVs can control and move factory, warehousing, and transportation materials with improved efficiency.

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