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Locomotive Remote Control Solutions

Operator and Machine Control Units

Since 1977, Cattron’s locomotive remote control systems have been used in rail operations around the world. Our solutions use a sophisticated computer-based system that enables rail yard operators to control driverless, switching locomotives using a wireless operator control unit. Cattron offers various speed control options that give operators complete control over the train’s speed and safety features such as pitch and catch, tilt detection, and more. Our operator control units and machine control units fit various applications within FRA-regulated and Non-FRA-regulated operations in the Americas, as well as TÜV Nord certification and SIL 3 capabilities for railroad operations throughout EMEA and Oceania.

Unmatched Safety and Product Design.

Transport™ products offer a range of safety and performance capabilities including cruise control, permanently mounted or quick-connect enclosures, and extensive safety options.

Safety. Productivity. Performance.

EC/LO Pro™ is TÜV Nord certified and SIL 3 capable enabling operators to pilot a locomotive from a safe distance, enhance worker safety, improve productivity and optimize the profitability of the operation.

Global Services. Complete Support.

Trust Cattron's experienced team of industry professionals to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running at its best.  

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