DynaGen™ ES52


DynaGen™ ES52

The DynaGen™ ES52 is an analog autostart controller designed for diesel and gas engine-driven equipment. It is ultra-compact and protects against shock, vibration and moisture. The engine controller is designed for easy installation and servicing.

  • Protection against shock, vibration, and moisture
  • Ultra-compact package with an industry-standard footprint
  • Easily configured using on-board DIP switches and potentiometer adjustments
  • Built-in quick-connect spade connections and screw terminals with no proprietary harness requirements
  • Speed-sensing with mag pickup, alternator tach output, or genset frequency output with 300V maximum direct connection
  • Simple installation and servicing
  • Five-year or 17,500-hour warranty

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Configurable start and stop events

Zero Speed Restart

Zero speed restart prevents starter pinion wear


Multi-function timer output for preheat, slow, airgate and choke. Includes warm-up timer output


20A removable relays and a fuse eliminate slave relays and external fusing in most installations (fuel/crank circuits are rated 20A combined)

Lost Signal

Detects lost speed signal

Field Settings

Field settings with potentiometers and DIP switches

Set Up Mode

Set up mode for quick calibration


Industry standard mounting configuration


Five-year warranty or 17,500 hours

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation

Preset Calibration

Preset calibration with fixed setting to prevent tampering

Heat Functions

Mid-heat and post-heat functions (during and after cranking)


Momentary inputs for multiple start/stop locations. Inputs for photocell start/stop control

Call Control

Pull/hold call control for fuel solenoid

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