DynaGen™ TG350


DynaGen™ TG350

The DynaGen™ TG350 is a generator controller that supports three-phase voltage metering for generator applications. It provides autostart operations for mechanically or electronically governed engines. It is ideally suited for mobile or stationary equipment where reliability is critical.

  • Three-phase volt metering
  • Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant
  • Supported by RapidCore™ configurator software
  • Complete plug-n-play package option
  • Private label option
  • Five-year or 17,500-hour warranty

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Rugged Housing

Conformally coated for protection against moisture and contaminants. Front panel gasket for panel water ingress protection


Oil pressure, engine temperature, fuel and oil levels, hour meter, RPM, battery voltage, real time clock with date/time, J1939 DTC codes, DPF and DEF status icons, J1939 percent load and percent torque and custom screens for pumping or compressor applications


Autostart on low battery and other sensors, automatic shutdown and warnings, manual and remote start and autostart trigger on sensor value (pressure, temperature, level voltage)


Built-in weekly scheduler, maintenance counter, preheat and many configurable timers, stall detection, retry on false start, custom warnings and failures and Configurable Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), long-term run, exercise clock and 150 event logs

Speed Control

Full electronic variable speed control over J1939, RPM via J1939, magnetic pick-up or generator and configurable set point RPM output feature


Accepts common senders (VDO, Datcon, Murphy and more)

Switch Inputs

Single or dual float switch input control

Closed Loop Control

Closed loop control on custom senders

Engine Support

Supports mechanical or CANbus J1939 engines


Five-year warranty or 17,500 hours

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Snap on RelayPak eliminates the need to mount and wire external slave relays for fuel crank and up to two other loads


RemoteIQ remote monitoring and control available with cellular modem

Heated LCD

Heated LCD version available for operation and display down to -40 C

Mimic Panel

TR100 is available for TG350 and TG410 controllers and mimics what is displayed on the controller.

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