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Messenger SMB Tanks

Monitors up to eight tanks of liquid, typically frack tanks, for drilling or completion. It provides continuous monitoring of all connected equipment and sensors giving the user near real-time access to all information about their remote or unattended installations.


  • Monitors up to eight tanks of liquid, typically frac tanks for drilling and completions
  • Provides continuous monitoring of all connected equipment and sensors
  • Fluid levels can be compensated for density and provide temperature
  • Real-time access to all information via RemoteIQ™ cloud-based interface

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Datasheet Messenger Products

Tank Monitoring

The desktop, tablet or smartphone-based RemoteIQ system allows users to set the tank depth, low and high alarm limits, and the notification methods for exceeding those limits


Active LTE 4G cellular-based Messenger telemetry unit with external, high-gain antenna and GPS


Includes a small, weatherproof enclosure with handle for easy carrying


Rare earth magnets for mounting to metal surfaces


Pre-configured RemoteIQ web-based monitoring, alarming and remote access system

Battery Power

Powered by 120VAC, usually provided by a light plant or generator

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


One-year limited warranty

Tank Expansion Box

Allows you to expand the I/O by utilizing other owned SMB Tank boxes. This omits the Messenger BLE and uses a new serial port to daisy chain one SMB to another


Impoundment level sensors for various depths and lengths; line pressure sensors of various PSI ratings


High gain omni antenna with pole or magnet mount


Sensor M12 extensions cables

Solar Kit

Fully power your Messenger unit without external power

Water Transport

Dewatering, Bypass, Gas Transport

Extraction & Fracking

Generators, Light Towers, Tanks

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