Messenger 600


Messenger 600

The Messenger 600 is a SCADA monitoring system designed for large facilities needing to monitor up to 600 data points. The telemetry system is ideal for industrial or municipal water and wastewater plants, gas compressor stations, hydroelectric plants, unattended plants, power substations, public utility, sewer collection, and virtually any industrial site with intelligent controls and analyzers.

  • Monitor up to 600 data points
  • Powered by RemoteIQ™ Water
  • Acts as a Modbus RTU Master collecting and translating Modbus or PLC data
  • Data available via a secure proprietary protocol
  • One-year limited warranty

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Local interface via LEDs for status of power, alarms and modem communication


Provides automatic reporting of digital and analog values on change-of-state to RemoteIQ for viewing status and alarm notification remotely


Modbus RTU of up to 600 registers. Modbus ID supported 1-247

Remote Monitoring

Cloud-based monitoring and notification system through RemoteIQ via desktop computers or mobile devices


Sleep mode, monitoring mode and LTE transmit mode

Digital Function Codes

Read coil, read status, write coil

Analog Function Codes

Read packed bits in 16-and 32-bit. Write holding 16-and 32-bit. Read packed bits and holding. Read input 16-and 32-bit. Read float 32-bit. Write multiple holding


One-year limited warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Camera for incident-based events via on-demand snapshots that become historical data

Solar Kit

Fully power your Messenger unit via solar power

Antenna Kits

5 dbi or 9 dbi high gain OMNI antennas


50 foot antenna cable

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