Rethink Emergency Stop with Safe-E-Stop™

an emergency stop button for machinery

A wireless emergency stop with a hard-wired e-stop is an invaluable safety system. Companies that experience an accident are faced with a myriad of direct and indirect costs. And while the direct costs can be tracked, the indirect ones are often hidden and have a longer-term impact. This includes decreased employee confidence, time spent on ongoing investigations, and providing additional employee training and support. As a result, employers are constantly looking to enhance their existing safety systems and processes to avoid these situations entirely.

Whether a localized worker dedicated to a machine, process or zone, or a roaming worker responsible for multiple machines or locations within an area, combining a hard-wired e-stop with a wireless emergency stop will help prevent accidents and minimize scrap.

Hard-Wired E-Stop Plus Wireless Emergency Stop

A worker will pass through four typical steps when a hard-wired e-stop is in use, and an emergency arises.

  1. The worker recognizes that an emergency is happening
  2. Locates the nearest e-stop
  3. Moves toward the e-stop
  4. Presses the e-stop

Any delay in these actions increases the risk to workers and the amount of scrap material and waste. In addition, workers may have to move toward the danger zone to reach the e-stop.

The steps are reduced when a wireless e-stop system is implemented with a hard-wired e-stop. In the case of an emergency,

  • The worker recognizes that an emergency is happening.
  • Pushes the wireless emergency stop clipped to their belt or vest. 

The rapid response and convenience enabled by the wireless emergency stop close the time gap between the awareness of an emergency and the response. It provides another layer of critical protection to employees and productivity.  

Safe-E-Stop Overview

cattron safe-e-stop wireless emergency stop front view

Safe-E-Stop™ is a Personal Safety Device (PSD) clipped to the vest or worn on the waist belt of workers, giving them immediate, wireless access to conduct an emergency stop right from the worker location. Safe-E-Stop offers a SIL 3 safety rating and is certified by TÜV Nord to this standard. The PSD is a mobile extension of the machine’s hard-wired e-stop.

Each Safe-E-Stop system comes with a Machine Safety Device (MSD) that is easily wired in series with the existing e-stop system. The MSD can communicate with five PSDs at one time and has an operating range of up to 100 meters (320 feet). PSD batteries last up to 14 hours, and the system comes equipped with a battery charger to remain in use across multiple shifts.

Safe-E-Stop was designed to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace and works with existing hard-wired systems to strengthen and extend safety across the job site. Cattron has implemented Safe-E-Stop across various applications in the material handling industry.

Cattron’s Machine and Emergency Stop Systems

Cattron’s wireless emergency stop systems enhance worker safety and productivity. Find the right safety system for your specific needs by contacting a Cattron representative.