Cattron™ Collaborates with a Leading Logistics Process Automation Provider to Increase Worker Safety


A leading, logistics process automation provider in the material handling and parcel market selected Cattron to collaborate on safety enhancements to its existing processes and systems which were being used during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance operations.


The company was seeking a way to make use of a radio remote control while minimizing the risk to technicians servicing the equipment. The goal was to ensure that the technician retained complete control of the equipment during inspections, maintenance and repairs. This would require a radio remote control system with all function keys rated PL-d. The enhancement would keep technicians safe and in full control of the equipment via the radio remote control system.


Cattron was selected to design and produce a wireless, PL-d rated remote control system. Cattron’s Excalibur™ system was seamlessly integrated into the customer’s control panel. Excalibur is part of the CattronControl™ line of industrial remote control solutions. With minimal modifications, Cattron was able to achieve the desired performance rating and functionality not available from other manufacturers.
According to Chris Cremer, senior director of global sales, “Cattron’s application engineering team rose to the challenge by quickly developing a solution to meet the customer’s needs using an existing, proven remote control solution and enhancing its safety rating.” The solution is now available to all customers.