Introducing Messenger Lite

The New Solution for Remote Equipment Monitoring 

messenger lite telemetry monitoring front

Cattron is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its telemetry portfolio – Messenger Lite. This compact device is perfect for equipment operators who want the benefits of remote monitoring and equipment performance data without full control. 

Messenger Lite uses LTE-M communication to remotely monitor heavy equipment with diesel-driven engines on a CANbus. Through the RemoteIQ™ cloud-based monitoring platform, operators can receive real-time data alarms and perform analysis. Firmware updates and parameter changes can also be made across the entire fleet, saving time and reducing service costs. 

By remotely monitoring their equipment, companies can proactively identify potential issues, schedule maintenance more efficiently and improve overall performance. Resource allocation can also be optimized, leading to increased equipment usage and extended asset lifespan. 

“Remote monitoring is a vital tool for maximizing equipment value and performance while reducing maintenance and downtime risks and costs,” says Brian Fette, Vice President of Product Management. “Cattron remains committed to investing in remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control devices for the long term.” 

Messenger Lite is an exciting addition to the company’s Messenger brand telemetry portfolio, which is used for applications in mobile equipment, agriculture, equipment rental and more.  We’re proud to offer this cutting-edge technology to our customers and look forward to continuing to innovate in the remote monitoring space.