Cattron Expands its Radio Remote Control Capabilities for Mobile Equipment

cattron cbmcu radio remote control machine control unit

June 15, 2023  

Today Cattron is announcing the availability of the CBMCU, a machine control unit for radio remote control systems that enables operators to safely control complex and dangerous machinery with an ISO13849 PL-d safety rating on digital and CAN outputs. It also offers a safe CAN to CAN bridge over most RF brands. The CBMCU is housed in rugged IP66 aluminum to withstand tough environmental and EMI conditions.   

rock crusher crushing rocks

The CMBCU was designed for mobile applications such as:  

  • Vacuum trucks
  • Concrete mixers
  • Trailer-mounted concrete line pumps
  • Rock crushers, grinders and screeners
  • Mobile conveyors

“The release of the CBMCU expands Cattron’s portfolio of radio remote control solutions and enables us to support a wider range of applications,” says Brian Fette, Vice President of Product Management.  

The CBMCU is compatible with CattronControl™, Remtron™, S-Series and Safe-D-Stop™.

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