EC/LO Pro™ Passes Critical Platform Assessment

On June 24, 2020, Cattron announced the availability of its EC/LO Pro™ locomotive remote control system for European rail operations. Cattron is the first in the industry to pass an independent, third-party assessment against the latest EN standards. TÜV Nord, an accredited and independent third-party organization in Germany, certified the system capability, which is now certified to meet the EN50239, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, and EN50155 standards for safety integrity level requirements up to SIL 3. This is important to maximizing customer investments in radio remote control and minimizing the risk of future obsolescence challenges.

As the use of RF technology and the evolution of electronic components has advanced exponentially in the past two decades, products that are certified to a previous version of the standard carry the risk that they may not only fail to comply with current standards but also suffer from difficult environmental conditions, decreasing their operational availability. Because EC/LO Pro is developed to the latest standards, operators can have confidence that their investment in locomotive remote control will be preserved and meet the harmonized requirements from all fields, whether environmental, RF, functional safety or occupational health and safety.

In addition, EC/LO Pro does not require regular returns to the factory to retain the SIL rating, reducing downtime and maintenance costs over the product’s life. The functional safety property of the system is built into the architecture, eliminating wear or tear while ensuring the continued safety of operators and compliance of systems.

EC/LO Pro is the solution that meets the needs of European rail operators with a modern architecture that meets current industry standards.