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The GSC300 and GSC400 are digital controllers designed to provide autostart control, protection, and engine instrumentation for all types of engines and generator sets. Both of these products have been discontinued. 


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GSC300 Accessories

NEMA 1 steel enclosure - ENC0057 USB Programming Kit - GSC300-USB-PGMR Timer clock - ACC0013 Oil Press Send - ACC0108 24V cube relay - RLY0054

GSC400 Accessories

8' basic harness - ACC0086 5' output harness - DWG1377R2-5 5' modbus harness - DWG1454R1-4 5' CANbus harness - DWG1373R3-5 NEMA 1 steel enclosure - ENC0057 USB programming kit - GSC400-PGMRC

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