Locomotive Remote Control Enhances Safety and Operational Efficiency

overhead view of a railyard next to a highway

A railyard is comprised of a complex network of tracks, locomotives and rail cars used for storing, sorting and loading or unloading cargo. Although no two yards are alike, efficiently transporting cargo throughout this network while keeping rail workers safe is a top priority. Class I Freight, Shortline, Regional and Plant Railroads rely on locomotive remote control solutions to minimize risk to workers while increasing the operational efficiency of the railyard. Remote control systems have been used for many years and have contributed to the decline in railyard accidents involving workers.

Benefits of a locomotive remote control system include: 

  • Replace hand signals that yard workers use to communicate
  • Enable a one or two-person crew to move locomotives efficiently
  • Safely control the locomotive and communicate with other workers in the yard
  • Command the locomotive movement, especially when the operator is in the red zone
  • Enhance safety with features such as tilt protection, which automatically switches the locomotive into emergency status if the system detects that the operator control unit has been tilted beyond a certain threshold for too long 

Locomotive remote control can also have a positive impact on recruiting efforts. Operator control units have an ergonomic design, configured with simple switches and buttons, making them very easy to use. Potential workers do not require as much training to operate, nor does a worker need to be a dedicated locomotive engineer to control the locomotive. This expands the field of applicants and improves the success rate of recruiting activities. 

Whether a rail operation moves materials across the country or the yard, Cattron provides comprehensive locomotive remote control solutions that improve railroad efficiency and safety.