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Standard Wireless Remote Control Systems

S-Series remote control systems are the ideal solution for simple applications. S-Series systems offer safety, reliability, and modern technology in an economical, standard configuration. The systems are designed for PL-d safety in an IP65 enclosure with an operating range of up to 500 feet. S-Series systems are globally compliant and used for the control of equipment and machinery, such as overhead cranes, in the material handling and mobile equipment markets.

Standard Configuration. Outstanding Value.

A durable and extremely reliable wireless technology platform in an ideal configuration for most simple applications.


S-Series S32

A standard configuration, wireless remote control solution with three motions, two speeds, start and stop function.

Cattron S Series S41 Wireless Remote Control System Front

S-Series S41

A standard configuration, wireless remote control solution with four motions, one speed, start and stop function.

S-Series 11R Machine Control Unit

A rugged and reliable machine control unit used with the S-Series.

Global Services. Complete Support.

Trust Cattron's experienced team of industry professionals to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running at its best.  

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