CANplus™ CP800


CANplus™ CP800

The CANplus™ CP800 is a digital engine control panel with seven inputs. It supports electronically governed engines for manual or autostart operations. It is typically used for pump control applications that only need to measure floats and discharge pressure.

  • 7 inputs: 4 for engine control and 3 for autostart operations
  • CANplus™ Control advanced throttling capabilities
  • Service diagnostics through RemoteIQ™ QR-Assist
  • Tier 4F and Euro Stage V compliant
  • 3.5” high-resolution color display

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Rugged, weather-resistant housings with vibration isolation mounts


Intuitive, user-friendly menus accessible via a high-resolution, color display


Simple configuration using menus or through a simple, straightforward Windows-based configuration program


CANplus interface for engine monitoring and control, supporting all SAE J1939 messages


Two autostart switch inputs, 4-20 mA transducer input, two fault switch inputs, two resistive sender inputs

Autothrottle Maintain Point

Configurable 4-20mA transducer target values to dynamically throttle the engine to maintain a level


Configurable start and stop events: autostart switch inputs, 4-20 mA transducer (level, pressure, flow, etc.), 24 x 7 scheduled run, countdown-to-off timer

Autothrottle Profile

Configurable seven-stage, autoramp throttle profile: warm-up time at idle, ramp-up time to intermediate RPM, intermediate time and RPM, ramp-up time to run RPM, run RPM, ramp-down time to idle and cool-down time at idle


Alarm, Aux for engine running, autostart or engine-at-speed

Throttle Control

Includes a momentary rabbit/turtle rocker switch

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Two-year limited warranty


Compact Aluflex or compact NEMA

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