Machine Learning on CANplus™ CP1000 Engine Control Panels


May 2023

In March of 2023, Cattron introduced Machine Learning capability on its CANplus™ CP1000 panels for engine and VFD control. Machine Learning delivers the next generation of industry-leading performance and reliability for equipment operators.


Look up machine learning online, and you’ll find a myriad of definitions and explanations ranging from highly technical to basic and everything in between. For the CP1000, machine learning is a function of the engine or VFD control panel that helps it learn what its “Normal Operation” is so it can alert pump operators when the panel is no longer in the normal range. The normal operating range is specific to your application, engine or VFD using the panel rather than relying on factory default settings. Machine learning enables your CP1000 to learn and monitor YOUR specific application.

How it Works

Once the CP1000 engine or VFD control panel and application are set up with the desired flows, pressures and settings, the CP1000 begins the machine-learning process. It cycles through the entire operating range of the application, assessing and learning about all of the sensors and engine or VFD information coming into the panel. The CP1000 uses the information it receives to set up normal levels (green) to indicate that things are going well and operating as expected. It typically takes three to five minutes to complete the sequence.

2.61 psi screen reading

Once the machine learning process is complete, the panel will automatically start monitoring the system. It will identify when operational parameters are trending out of the normal operating range, allowing preemptive action to address the problem.

-3.50 inHG screen reading

It also looks at fluctuations and deviations of all the signals coming in to establish yellow warning and red fault areas. The panel will warn and alert when any monitored parameter moves outside the normal range for a specified amount of time.

2.70 psi screen reading

Machine learning on the CP1000 utilizes powerful, edge-computing capabilities to monitor your application without the need for telemetry. While not required, the CP1000 Machine Learning fully supports remote monitoring when telemetry is added. Each learned parameter has a custom SPN that can trigger notifications when used with RemoteIQ™.

canplus cp1000 with rotary dial

Machine Learning on
CANplus CP1000

Machine learning is an available option on all new CANplus CP1000 panels, effective March of 2023. Existing panels can also be upgraded.

Contact your Cattron representative for more information.