Integrated Monitoring and Control of Water Pump Engines


An industrial and environmental service provider that supports companies across North America. They operate a mobile tank truck fleet that maintains and manages water removal from industrial and mining sites.


Tank truck drivers were required to exit their vehicles and manually start and stop the water pumps filling their trucks. This was a very inefficient process, taking a significant amount of time and exposing drivers to less-than-optimal conditions within mining sites and brutal Canadian winters. Visibility into engine status, pipe vacuum and pressure, water levels, and flow rates was limited, making their job even more difficult. 

They also needed to ensure that their 20+ trucks could fill at three different pumping stations without disruption. They needed a faster, more convenient method for drivers to fill their mobile tanks and needed to work in conjunction with various engines from different manufacturers. The solution would need to be capable of pairing the transmitters and receivers across the truck fleet and locations. 


Because various brands of water pump engines were deployed at these fill stations, Cattron recommended the CANplus™CP1000 engine control panel. This panel offers different engine configurations and can easily adapt to a change in engine type. Our Messenger BLE telemetry device was also connected to the CP1000 to allow remote access to backend dashboards and reporting on engine status, water levels, pressure, vacuum and flow rates through the RemoteIQ™ cloud-based monitoring platform. This enables drivers to monitor and control the engine without leaving their trucks. Finally, to ensure drivers could stay safely inside their trucks while filling their tanks with water, the Remtron™411 wireless handheld remote control was set up with specialized programming to communicate with the CP1000 to start and stop the water flow of the water pump. Close collaboration between Cattron and the customer ensured an integrated solution was built to satisfy all their needs.