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Water and Wastewater

Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Cattron provides the water management market with affordable SCADA monitoring and control solutions for tanks, pump stations, lift stations, and treatment plants. Cattron offers solutions to address the remote monitoring needs for small to large scale applications, from the most basic pump station to the most sophisticated plant for municipal and industrial water and wastewater, public utility districts, and sewer collection.

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SCADA Cloud-Based Solutions

Monitoring and alarm notifications for water and wastewater applications. 


Cattron Aquavx Municipal Water Front

Water and Wastewater Aquavx™

Aquavx is a wireless alarm notification and remote monitoring system with no programming required to make the system available on the network or on the web.

Cattron Elite IQ Remote Asset Monitoring Management Front

Water and Wastewater EliteIQ™

EliteIQ is a cloud-based monitoring and notification device for large equipment assets and systems used in industrial and municipal applications.

Water and Wastewater Messenger W

Industrial, cellular-based remote monitoring system designed to monitor stationary assets in the municipal market.

Water and Wastewater Messenger 600

Wireless cloud-based system providing cellular telemetry and monitoring of up to 600 values at municipal, industrial and power sites.

RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ Vision

RemoteIQ™ Vision provides asset-based image capture for industrial, municipal and commercial applications.

RemoteIQ™ RemoteIQ™ For Municipal

Enables the location, monitoring, notification, and control of remote assets for water and wastewater applications.

Water and Wastewater DiaLog Elite™

A complete voice notification device that seamlessly addresses monitoring and control needs. Used in municipal applications.

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Trust Cattron's experienced team of industry professionals to minimize downtime and keep your equipment running at its best.  

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