Cattron™ Expands Locomotive Remote Control Portfolio to Include a Variable-Speed, FRA-Compliant Solution for Class II and Class III Railroads

March 16, 2020

Cattron™ has expanded its portfolio of wireless connectivity and control solutions to include the Transport VS™ locomotive remote control system.

Transport VS is a variable-speed, FRA-compliant solution designed for Class II and Class III railroads with key features that include:

  • Patented dynamic speed control capability to allow operators to set fixed speeds during
  • Feature-rich OCU-III (Operator Control Unit) for use by
  • Single enclosure for reduced space requirements inside the cab of the
  • Compatibility with Tasverii™ locomotive analytics software which provides in-depth insight to the operational performance
  • Safety features such as tilt detection, man-down radio broadcast, direction of movement protection, vigilance, and wheel slip detection.
  • Compliance with US 49 CFR 229.15.
  • Frequencies available in the US: 217-222 MHZ and US/Canada: 450-470 MHz

“The addition of Transport VS to our portfolio gives Cattron a solution that better serves the needs of Class II and III railroads.” says Ryan Wooten, CEO of Cattron.  “Transport VS leverages the proven technology found in our Class I rail offerings and combines  it with our existing Transport product line giving Cattron a solution to meet the diverse needs of freight rail operations across North America.”

Transport VS is one of three offerings in Cattron’s Transport™ product line which includes Transport TC and Transport QC for plant rail operations. Transport TC is a compact system that includes a single, fixed enclosure inside the cab with built-in single-speed control. Transport QC is a quick-connect, portable system that enables plant rail operations to easily swap the remote control system between locomotives.