LCS-III by Cattron: Introducing the Latest generation locomotive control system for FRA Regulated rail operations in the Americas

March 17, 2021

Introducing the latest generation locomotive control system for switching and railyard car movements – LCS-III. The LCS-III system unites the best aspects of Cattron’s proven Accuspeed™ and Beltpack™ platforms with a technology stack that supports the future of remote control and automation features.

LCS-III is a comprehensive locomotive control system that enables operators to safely control the locomotive via a wireless remote control system.

The system continually applies the right amount of throttle or brake to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass while the operator focuses on train movements, track conditions and personal safety.

“The LCS-III couples Cattron’s 30-plus years of locomotive remote control experience and more than 2,200 system implementations in the Americas to create this new platform,” says Brian Fette, VP of Product Management for Cattron. “LCS-III unifies the best features from our current systems into a new generation of remote control technology, while paving the way for future features.”

The new LCS-III system is designed for FRA-regulated railroads in the Americas and comes equipped with features, including:

  • Industry-leading OCU-III with an embedded GNSS location – A patented method for pushing OCU positional data to the LCS-III system
  • Dynamic speed control – A patented speed control system that streamlines operation by handling the complexities of throttle and brake manipulation to maintain the selected speed regardless of track grade or train mass
  • Compliant with 49 CFR § 229.15
  • RF protocols support repeaters for extending the RF range beyond one-mile line-of-sight
  • Maintenance Terminal PC Tool that provides monitoring, configuration, archive record access and maintenance information either directly between a PC, the RCL system, and RemoteIQ™ Rail.