Introducing Messenger BLE – A Next Generation Solution for Monitoring and Controlling Diesel-Driven Equipment

September 11, 2020

With the expansion of LOFA and Antx to its portfolio, Cattron has moved swiftly to introduce a next-generation Messenger product called Messenger BLE.

Messenger BLE replaces the long-standing Antx Messenger product. With over 7,000 existing Messenger units installed across the United States, typical applications include monitoring and control of diesel-driven equipment, such as pumps and generators in oil and gas, mining, agriculture, industrial and municipal markets.

Messenger BLE provides remote access to equipment with smart controllers via Modbus in the equipment rental and OEM markets.

While the product is about the size of your hand, the capabilities and outcomes of Messenger BLE are impressive:

  • Provides GPS, Cellular, CANbus, Modbus, Bluetooth, and physical I/O connectivity.
  • Communicates with backend systems via a cellular modem – LTE CAT M1 or CAT 1 – providing worldwide coverage.
  • Configurable OTA, via SMS and locally via a serial connection. New code can be loaded into the Messenger BLE via FTP (OTA or SMS command) or a local serial connection.
  • Enables current and historic equipment data to be viewed using Cattron’s RemoteIQ™ software platform (formerly Antx Centurion) or via a customer-owned backend system.