Introducing EliteIQ™: Cloud-Based Monitoring for Large Equipment Assets and Systems

September 24, 2020

Cattron is excited to announce a new solution to its Elite™ product line – EliteIQ. EliteIQ replaces the DiaLog Elite™ product sold by Antx (now Cattron). EliteIQ expands upon the current capabilities and features to offer robust, on-demand insights and reporting via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Typical applications of EliteIQ include monitoring of lift stations, wastewater and water treatment plants as well as COOP distribution power sub-stations and compressor stations in oil and gas, industrial and municipal markets.

EliteIQ supports discrete I/O and Modbus channels to meet the monitoring needs of larger installations either as a standalone system or a dependable backup system to an  HMI.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Current and historic equipment data to be viewed using Cattron’s cloud-based RemoteIQ™ backend software (formerly Antx Centurion).
  • Alarm notifications and acknowledgment via voice, text, or email
  • Monitoring capabilities of up to 48 dry contacts, digital or analog inputs in any combination and up to twenty-four digital outputs.
  • Flexibility to allow I/O to be added in the field by the end-user.
  • Ability to communicate with backend systems via a cellular modem – LTE CAT M1 – providing North American coverage.