Cattron Unveils New Remtron 325, 411 and 611 Wireless Remote Control Systems

May 5, 2020

After decades of proven performance and reliability from its existing Remtron product line, Cattron unveils its next generation of Remtron-brand handheld, pushbutton wireless remote control systems. The new Remtron systems offer the latest technology and safety features, unrivaled reliability, a sustainable return on investment and are now available with global frequency support.

Remtron operator control units (OCUs) are used on equipment and machinery in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing, construction and material handling applications such as crane and hoist systems, conveying systems, pump control and robotics.

Cattron’s new line of Remtron systems includes three operator control units:

  • Remtron 325 – A three-motion, two-speed OCU with four auxiliaries plus start and stop functions
  • Remtron 411 – A four, single-step motions plus start and stop
  • Remtron 611 – A six, single-step motions plus start and stop

“This is the first of many exciting product developments that Cattron has planned for 2020.” says Ryan Wooten, CEO of Cattron. “The new suite of Remtron products enhances the current Remtron offering with updated safety features and modern technology. It gives Cattron a more robust platform for providing additional functionality and capability to its customers, and with global frequency compliance, Remtron opens the door for entry into new markets around the world.”

The new systems incorporate long-life ergonomic switches and an IP65 Enclosure to enhance system reliability.

With features like closed box configuration, RFID security and enhanced status indicators with haptic feedback, operators will find Remtron OCUs easy to use. Additionally, a PL-d safety level with an illuminated stop switch and enhanced diagnostics and data collection provides extra protection to operators and improved operational insight.