Cattron Announces Advanced Control Options for VFD Electric Motor-Driven Pumps

January 10, 2023

close up of canplus cp100 vfd on engine

Cattron is announcing advanced control options for variable frequency drives, making it possible to have a single control panel solution for diesel and electric pumps. VFD support is available on the CANplus™ CP1000 engine control panel for pumps used in dewatering, irrigation, floodwater management, movement of water, sewer bypass and mining applications.

Fleet equipment operators who use electric-driven pumps can now standardize their control solution with the industry-leading CANPlus™ CP1000 engine control panel. Utilizing the large color display, operators can select a specific VFD model from the engine drop-down menu, just as they would on a diesel-powered pump in their fleet. In addition, a standardized user interface across the entire fleet provides familiarity for operators and reduces set-up and training time for rental and water transfer pump technicians. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy configuration of auto-start and throttling behaviors
  • Monitoring of accessory inputs such as flow, level and pressure
  • Machine and user protections
  • Remote monitoring and control through RemoteIQ™

“Customers that already enjoy the ease of using the CP1000 for diesel-driven engines can expand that to control their electric VFD powered pumps,” says Brian Fette, Vice President of Product Management. “This feature enhancement drives customer efficiency by minimizing upfront costs and training required for more expensive, water-specific VFDs,” Fette adds.

engine pump with vfd