CANplus™ Control Advanced Throttling Capabilities Explained 

The CANplus™ product line is equipped with a suite of advanced throttling and control capabilities that are easy to use and designed to keep your equipment running smoothly. This summary explains the throttling options available on the CANplus CP1000 and CP750-E products.  

Dynamic Throttling 

Configurable RPM increments enable users to increase RPM increments to quickly get the engine to its sweet spot. The sweet spot is the preferred RPM range for a particular application. Once the engine is in the sweet spot, smaller configured RPM increments enable operators to fine-tune the RPM.

Pause at Run 

With a single press and hold of the Rabbit button, this feature will automatically ramp the engine up to the configured Run speed and pause at that speed until the Rabbit button is released. After the button is released, normal throttling operation resumes. 

This feature eliminates the over and undershoot that can occur when holding the Rabbit button.  

Throttle by Maintain Point 

This throttling feature allows live adjustments of the maintain point using the rabbit and turtle buttons. It is an easy way to adjust the maintain point to fine-tune the point that the application requires and is useful for applications that have little regard for the engine RPM but may be more concerned with changing the output of the engine/machine, such as vehicle speed, fluid flow or pressure. With this throttling option, one does not need to know how the machine’s output correlates with the engine’s RPM. They change the maintain point and let the controller adjust the RPMs accordingly. 

Controlled Off 

With a single click of the OFF button, the Controlled Off throttling feature provides a smooth engine shutdown. This protects the engine and the rest of the machine from an abrupt shutdown which could be damaging if the engine RPMs are high. When conditions are warranted, holding the OFF button will cause an immediate shutdown.   

Linear Throttling 

Linear throttling allows a 4-20mA transducer to indirectly control the throttling in proportion to the current. The range is linear, with 4mA being the lowest RPM, 12mA being the halfway point in the RPM range and 20mA being the highest RPM. This feature is useful with a PLC that is the master controller, a 4-20mA foot or hand throttle and a temperature control sensor.  

Autostart-Manual Toggle Mode 

The Autostart–Manual toggle feature allows switching between autostart and manual modes without shutting down the engine. This is beneficial for applications that might need temporary, manual control.  

Autoramp Profile

The Autoramp Profile is a feature that allows for the precision and automation of controls. Using a configurable autoramp profile, the engine uses a warm-up and intermediate phase once the autostart is triggered to reach its run speed. Similarly, it relies on a predefined cool-down and idle period to ensure a safe engine shutdown once a stop event is triggered. It is also possible to toggle between auto and manual modes, enabling users to increase and decrease RPMs manually with the rabbit and turtle buttons.   

Cattron is committed to continual investment in innovation and support for its CANplus engine control panels. To keep informed on the latest news about CANplus products, email us at [email protected]. Contact a Cattron representative for additional questions on maximizing the usage and performance of your CANplus engine control panel.