Advantages of Cloud-Based Monitoring & Control

Phone dialers have been a consistent choice for many businesses in the water and wastewater industries. While phone dialers have been an accepted solution for many years, the technology has become outdated, making them susceptible to a variety of issues such as:

Water Sewage Pump Station Next to Retention Pond
  • Marginalized phone line quality
  • Missing critical alarm notifications when phone lines are down
  • Costly fines when unaddressed critical events happen
  • Damaged equipment from lightning strikes
  • Surge vulnerabilities
  • Limited service from phone line providers

Experiencing one or more of these vulnerabilities can lead to unnecessary additional costs. The average annual phone line service cost per site for an alarm dialer is between $600-$1,200 without additional equipment or replacement costs.

Monitoring and control systems for water and wastewater applications must be reliable, efficient and cost-effective. A common way of solving alarm dialer pain points is changing systems to a cellular or satellite-based monitoring solution such as Cattron’s Aquavx or EliteIQ hardware and RemoteIQ™ service. 

Wireless, cloud-based solutions provide immediate benefits to operators. 

  • They decrease ongoing service costs by eliminating phone lines and service costs. Users save an average of $360 or more per site.
  • They increase the reliability of timeliness of important system notifications. Since the modem connection for a cloud-based solution is monitored 24/7, personnel can be notified immediately if a communication loss is detected.
  • They increase the efficiency of managing assets. Cloud-based systems offer data analytics that gives insights into site data, reports and alarm history without visiting the site.