Transport™ for Industrial Rail

Transport is a remote control system deigned exclusively for industrial rail operations in North America. It is a rugged remote control system with flexible design features that enable operational excellence across the entire rail operation. Transport includes two types of systems giving you the flexibility to select the system that is right for your operation. Transport CS is a fixed mount, compact system and Transport QC is an efficient, quick connect system. ​​

Transport Features

Proportional Independent Brake Control​

Pressure monitoring and optional proportional train brake control. ​


Wheel Slip Control​

Automatic sanding, holding or reduction of throttle notch is performed automatically when wheel slips are detected. ​


Trainline Alarm Monitoring​

A single input monitors the locomotive trainline alarm. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Throttle and Reverser Control​

Electrical control and monitoring of the reverser, throttle and generator field trainline pins. ​


Emergency Brake Override​

Provides the operator the ability to command an emergency brake application. ​


Tilt Protection​

The OCU detects that if it is tilted beyond a certain threshold for a predefined period, the RCL system automatically goes into an emergency penalty. ​


Transport Options

Proportional Train Brake Control ​

Provides the ability to control the train brake pressures, bail control and monitoring through the OCU. ​


LED Talkback​

Provides two-way RF communication between the OCU and MCU. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Maintenance Terminal Options​

An integrated ability to store an internal Archive Record, configure system operating parameters and support live monitoring of system IO. ​

Pitch & Catch ​

Permits a two-person team to direct movements of the RCL system. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Vigilance and PTO​

Select OCUs can be equipped with a vigilance or a Push To Operate (PTO) feature to enforce operator alertness. ​

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Transport Products