Tasverii™ Software​

Tasverii™ Software for Rail – Insight Edition increases the productivity, safety, and profitability for rail yard operators. Using a combination of reporting, alerts, and tracking features, Tasverii™ software enables users to monitor trends in yard operations, oversee asset health, and take proactive measures to keep assets and personnel safe and productive. Tasverii™ software is compatible with Accuspeed and Beltpack platforms.

Tasverii™ Software Value​


Monitor data and alerts sent via a secured website, which can provide up-to-date detailed reports on operational usage. Directly connect to locomotives and view live output from the locomotive virtual dashboard.​

Monitoring and Diagnostics


Analyze equipment performance before damage occurs with Tasverii™ Software operational reports. Analyze metrics and trends to identify areas needing improvement.​



Monitor operator behavior and equipment settings and send alerts to local supervisors for quick, technical support. Alerts are sent when problems are identified.​


Asset Uptime​

Effectively manage maintenance strategies and maximize performance with minimal operating risk while keeping your assets running at maximum capacity. ​

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