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Power Your Locomotive with Wireless Remote Control from Cattron

Rail operations around the world trust in wireless remote control systems from Cattron to power their locomotives while keeping operators safe and more productive. For more than 40 years, Cattron has built extensive domain expertise in improving safety, efficiency and productivity for rail operations of every kind. Class I freight customers, industrial, private and short line rail operations rely on the advanced technology, experience, reliability and unparalleled service and support offered by Cattron.

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Control Your World with Cattron's Locomotive Remote Control Solutions

With uncompromising safety, relentless reliability and unmatched service capabilities, Cattron leads with innovative solutions for mission critical rail operations.

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  • Accuspeed

    Accuspeed is a top-of-the-line speed control system enabling operators to control driver-less locomotives from a safe vantage point.

  • Beltpack

    Beltpack system is a sophisticated speed control system that enables operators to control driver-less locomotives from a safe vantage point.​

  • EC/LO

    A sophisticated locomotive control system for modernized locomotives in the European market.

  • Tasverii™ Software​

    Tasverii™ Software for Rail – Insight Edition increases the productivity, safety, and profitability for rail yard operators.

  • Cattron MP96​

    Cattron MP96 is a a proven set of throttle/brake operation remote control systems for Class II, Class III and industrial rail.

  • Maintenance of Way and Railcar Movers​

    Cattron also offers Maintenance of Way remote controls for ballast cars as well as two options for controlling Railcar Movers.​

  • Transport

    Transport is a family of remote control systems that are designed exclusively for industrial locomotive operations in North America.