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Services and Support

Cattron extends and protects our partnership well beyond the purchase of your wireless remote control system offering technical support, depot services, field service and aftermarket parts on an as-needed basis or through customized service agreements and extended service warranties. Every service is focused on minimizing downtime and helping you achieve the optimal return on your investment.


RemoteIQ™ Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring and Analytics Service

Location, monitoring, notification and control of remote equipment and high-value assets.

RemoteIQ Services

Asset Management Services

Smart IoT technology and connected web-based services that track and manage high-value equipment. 

VisiTek 600


Access in-depth expertise to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve operational and technical questions. 

Technical support team specialists available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Multi-language support.

Troubleshooting and instruction provided over the phone and via email to customers.

Over 30 years of combined remote control technical support experience.

Expertise in a variety of applications including locomotives, overhead cranes, concrete pumping, mining and more.

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Rely on an experienced team of technicians to provide hands-on troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of your equipment.  

Global team of highly trained technicians with over 150 years of combined experience.

Fast turnaround times with priority service options available for urgent repairs.

Flat rate service pricing eliminates the hassle of getting estimates and quotes.

120-day service warranty on all service repairs with an extended service warranty option.

Customizable service agreements that can be tailored to specific customer needs and requirements.

Global presence with locations in US, Canada, UK, Europe and Brazil.

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Count on a network of on-site professional technicians that provide services on a billable basis or via a customized service agreement.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections that include a comprehensive review of equipment operation.

Annual Inspections completed as required by legal and company requirements and regulations.

On-site training including the operation, troubleshooting and repair of Cattron products.

Installation support consisting of assisting installers and testing new installations.

RF Site Survey Analysis can be completed on a project basis.

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Software-based, diagnostic QR code management tool that provides immediate access to a database of system faults to enable technical troubleshooting of CANplus™ engine control panels in the field. 

Accessed via smartphones and tablets.

Database management services including providing valuable data and insights and access to a comprehensive database of system faults and troubleshooting tips.

Codes can be associated with engine diagnostics, panel related problems, or pump related issues.

Development services are available to redirect the QR codes to the OEM website and/or private label the web page as part of our SaaS support model. 

No telemetry hardware or related service fees to access information from the web.

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