Push-to-Enable Feature Unlocks Additional Safety for Crane Remote Control


A global steel manufacturer.


The company experienced a safety incident prompting them to take a closer look at how they
could proactively enhance the capability of the systems that they were already using for overhead crane operations.


They quickly discovered that their CattronControl™ MKU industrial remote control system could be modified to activate a safety feature called Push-to-Enable (PTE) and successfully implemented the modification.

The PTE function enhances employee safety by implementing a motion-unlocking feature that requires the operator to press a specific button just prior to activating a motion. After pushing the button, the operator has a few seconds to begin using the motion or the motions will once again be locked. Once the motion(s) are in use, no further action is required unless all motions are stopped for several seconds, after which the PTE feature is once again required. PTE protects against accidental activation before the motion is enabled and prevents accidental motion when it is not intended. PTE provides a vigilance safety feature, that when enabled for this steel manufacturer, gave employee safety an extra boost. Learn how to implement PTE on your existing controllers by contacting a Cattron Solution Expert.

Throughout a fifteen-year partnership with one of the world’s largest steel companies, Cattron has provided safety and productivity systems that meet the criteria of the steel manufacturer’s extensive safety program. This company has implemented 40 Cattron MKU systems, a compact push-button control unit for their overhead cranes, at over 6 sites throughout their operations.