Telemetry Pump Control


Municipalities utilizing cellular-based controllers to monitor and manage pumps and pump stations.


Customers using LC150 controllers are reporting that existing telemetry systems utilizing 3G modems are no longer supported and they are receiving limited to no factory support. Customers also indicate voice alarm notifications, which continue to be a preferred method for critical alarms, are no longer supported by the factory –only email and text messages are sent. Customers rely on these systems to efficiently monitorandcontroltheirpumpsandstations.Duetothelackofsupportandfunctionality of the LC150, they are actively seeking to upgrade or replace these systems in the field.


The Cattron Messenger BLE offers integrated telemetry and monitoring for managing remote sites using obsolete pump controllers. Messenger BLE supports devices connected via Modbus RTU or direct connection to digital analog signals with two-way communication on equipment. It easily integrates into existing equipment in the field, such as the LC150 controllers, providing a cellular monitoring solution that utilizes our RemoteIQ cloud-based platform for managing site data andcriticalalarms.Alarmnotificationsareavailableviavoice,textandemail.TheRemoteIQ platform provides visibility into equipment performance 24/7 from anywhere in the world on mobile devices and computers.