Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of National Scavenger Hunt Day we are going to play!

Below are three clues that will take you to 3 different pages on When you have your answers submit it below.

Clue 1

This industrial remote control has a  Customizable switch layout to meet application-specific requirements and can be private-labeled. This three-motion, two-speed operator control unit has a PL-d safety level rating.

Clue 2

This blog introduces a new capability on our CANplus™ CP1000 panels for engine and VFD control. This new feature delivers the next generation of industry-leading performance and reliability for equipment operators.

Clue 3

On this market page you will see our solutions for Advanced engine control and monitoring solutions for OEM, distribution and rental equipment. Our featured brands for this market include our CANplus, DynaGen, LOFA and Messenger product lines.

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